Setter’s ‘Spectives: Now Is the Movie of My Discontent

Setter Drawing for Blog 082613Being a critic is a mixed blessing.

It’s wonderful to be able to look at film with a questioning eye.

Closing it, however, is the problem.

I sometimes with I could be less discerning when watching a movie. That I could enjoy a mainstream picture without criticizing various points.

Is that being normal? Does normal convey a kind of acceptance, a fealty? Is normal not quibbling about cinematography, about editing?

I want to be that and I don’t at the same time.

I would be misguided to assume I provide a service to humanity by criticizing films and broadcasting my feelings about them. Yet I do feel that expressing my thoughts provides some sort of benefit. Perhaps it’s not completely altruistic; perhaps the benefit is more for myself. But it’s a benefit all the same.

As long as I feel that way, I will continue to be a critic … for better or for worse.

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