Setter’s ‘Spectives: Dude, Where’s My Movie?

Setter Drawing for Blog 082613Now I can finally say I’ve seen The Big Lebowski.

And what a big, sloppy movie it is. Kind of tedious, ultimately, too, though it has some bursts of funny dialogue.

Could’ve been a lot better, though. Seemed to miss a lot of opportunities. Still, you rarely see real, bona fide (OK, actors portraying real, bona fide) nihilists onscreen, so that’s a plus. A Big Lebowski plus. Hm.

Actually, what bothered me the most about this Coen Bros. film was the structure. Despite all the tying up of (really) loose ends, it felt like it was generated in a room at midnight over a couple of White Russian cocktails and tons of stale coffee. Perhaps that was the point. I’m not Big Lebowski big on that kind of point, though.

Yes, the cinematography was quite good. Especially the camera-in-the-bowling-ball shot as the orb rolled down the lane. Nice job on that, guys. It didn’t, however, define the movie, like some shots do. And great camerawork does not necessarily a great movie make.

Oh, well. I wish the Coens decided to be much sillier with the film, as it had so many wide-open targets: nutty artists, bowling aficionados, stoner, uh, no-goodniks. It just ended up being diverting, with a number of long stretches. I’m not Big Lebowski big on long stretches, either.

I just want a good-overall movie.

4 thoughts on “Setter’s ‘Spectives: Dude, Where’s My Movie?

  1. hey! found your blog through the much-needed dose of common sense you injected into that ridiculous argument over on Curnblog today. I blame the writer, not James—I like that James is willing to put up articles he doesn’t always agree with 100%.

    That said, this is the first review I’ve seen of “The Big Lebowski” that wasn’t 100% positive. I actually thought something was wrong with me because I don’t love this movie, either, but everyone else does. If we’re talking about the Coen brothers, I think “Burn After Reading” is their funniest film to date by far. Not the best, necessarily, but the funniest.

    • Ha, ha! Yes, I seem to disagree with Bill on most things, and that discussion about preconceptions definitely made me want to chime in.

      Glad you feel similarly about The Big Lebowski–I had a lot of issues with it, too, and although I do enjoy some Coen Brothers movies, I often find that they tell a great story (Big Lebowski excluded) and then leave me asking: What was the point of all this? But I think I’m in the minority. I’ll have to check out Burn After Reading; I’m not familiar with it, so thanks for the recommendation. I think your blog is quite good, BTW. 😀

      • Thanks! That’s a real compliment since it’s coming from someone whose opinions are sensible. haha. But – if you don’t like the “pointless” element in the Coen films, then perhaps Burn After Reading is not for you. It’s excessively pointless, but (sorry, I can’t think of another way to put this) that is precisely the point. It doesn’t deal with “heavy” subject matter, either, and the Coen Brothers use that pointlessness as a humorous device. So, take it or leave it, I suppose!

      • No worries–I may actually like it if it’s pointedly pointless, ha! I recommended it to my wife per your suggestion, so hopefully we’ll see it soon.

        BTW: Hopefully we’ll see your work on CURNBLOG soon as well!

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