Skip’s Quips: Awarding Myself the ‘Best-Avoided’ Medal

Blog Sketch 082813One day after the Oscars, and I still don’t think you need to watch them to be a film buff.

I sure didn’t. I’m just not keen on it. And I certainly don’t agree with the Academy’s choices much of the time, though it’s hard to quibble with the Best Picture winner this year, 12 Years a Slave.

It’s the forced banter and extended running time that wears on me. These days, I find it hard to stay up past eight o’clock at night, so a couple of hours added to that are sure to bring on the dream sheep.

I guess a question should be whether I need to be more invested in the program if I feel certain films nominated for Best Picture or other categories, such as Gravity, don’t deserve the awards. Perhaps. If that happens to me in the future, however, I hope I won’t be faulted for skipping past the musical numbers, comic asides or homages to selected genres.

That’s already, what, 70 percent of the program? Well, then.

Just give me a bullhorn, and I’ll be the first to yell “Cut!” at the TV.

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