Skip’s Quips: Another Day, Another Film Not Finished

Blog Sketch 082813I don’t know what’s going on, but these days, it’s hard for me to watch a single new movie straight through.

The latest cinematic example of this was In a World…,  Lake Bell’s mildly diverting comedy about a young woman trying to succeed in the movie trailer voiceover industry. Much of this flick didn’t ring true; perhaps it was too self-conscious for its own good. But I was able to view a couple of amusing moments before I lost interest and went to immerse myself in fantasy baseball.

That’s right. I gave up a night of movie viewing for a fake baseball game. Nothing says “this picture’s blah” more than that.

I think it was the script. There was something about it that seemed a little flat, as if there were potential joys it missed. It certainly was well cast, with actors such as Demetri Martin involved. I, however, just couldn’t get into it.

Perhaps the next one I’ll sit through fully. I think I’m on some kind of streak here.

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