Skip’s Quips: Theory of ‘Frozen’

Blog Sketch 082813I think the reason Frozen was such a hit was marketing.

Ads for the animated film were all over TV. They got people to see it.

But I’m not sure why so many people liked it. I thought the script was dreadful and the songs mediocre. Plus, it was highly, highly unfunny, especially the character of the live, talking, happy-go-lucky snowman. It’s highly possible that the execrable Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace was a more humorous, better developed character.

OK, the computer animation was quite well done in Frozen; that was no surprise. Yet the film seemed artificial, manufactured, as if devised specifically for a certain audience and peppered with hip dialogue and silly situations. It didn’t have an organic quality, and the songs just made it worse.

I’m in the minority on this, I know. Frozen was a huge success. Yet that doesn’t necessarily equate quality, and in that light, the movie doesn’t make the cut for me.

Disney can do better than this, methinks.

4 thoughts on “Skip’s Quips: Theory of ‘Frozen’

  1. I suspect the reason that “Frozen” was such a hit is a little more insidious. Disney tried branching out by placing (in their eyes) less-conventional heroines at the center of their last few films—think “Brave,” “The Princess and the Frog,” etc. “Frozen” represented a return to the key Disney success formula: beautiful, blond princesses; magic; wealth; castles; boundless optimism; fluff and little substance. Throw a Broadway star and a lovable chick who looks like a princess in real life and you’ve got a money-making recipe. That’s my cynical take on it, anyway.

    • You’re probably right–it definitely had a patched-together quality that smacked of combining a whole lot of can’t-lose ingredients. I wonder if Disney will stick with this formula or gravitate toward the more unconventional plotlines. Either way, I wasn’t too impressed with Frozen, unfortunately.

  2. I think that some of this is a result of changing direction mid movie. In some deleted scenes on the blu ray, the writers mention how they has originally planned for Elsa to be a villain but thought it would be more interesting to make her just troubled. But it doesn’t work. Too many holes. Nice post.

    • Thanks. I agree–the “troubled” nature of Elsa in the film just ended up being bizarre and not credible. The whole thing felt like something of a mess to me, as if the script were thought up on the fly.

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